Tuesday, 27 March 2012


What your shoes say to guys..(excerpt of an article in yahoo, for the rest link here)

Super-trendy shoes can translate as costumey.

"Ninety percent certain this woman was thrust into the city via a time portal, suddenly teleported while training for the very first Greek Olympics."
—Ben, 31

Socks + sexy pumps = identity crisis.

"The black heels are 'downtown' sophisticated, and the socks are schoolgirl cutesy. I'm confused."

—Mike, 31

It pains him to look at your sky-high pumps.

"Could that be her hand in the shoe? Maybe it is her hand in the shoe. Ankles just don't bend that way."

—Michael, 31


That was just a "starter".. :-D

Sometimes I quite like to see rows of shoes in the shop..so these are some that I managed to capture during my "waiting" period :-D :

How about this?..hehe..

Seeing Angry Birds everywhere :-)

And mine?

Current favourite

Testing a new one.



ツ Bieaz ツ said...

hahaha kat sini pon angry birds besepah kat mana2 kang Bie beli gelak je orang tengok hahaha

beli kasut baru ekkk cantik2.... :)

thomas said...

what if you were to wear a pair of dutch clogs into town?

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

socks and sexy pumps are my fave :D

Latest: Authentic Thai Food outside Thailand!

KakAsma said...

ateh sekali tu camner yer kalau dipakai kena pakai skirt pendek cam artis kita pakai kan...

yang tinggi2 tu,walaaaa nak jalan pun tak sanggup...skrg nie pakai kasut sarung ajer senang...hihihihi tak pun selipar angry bird tu...

midonz said...

dan jika kita perhatikan assesori wanita lagi hebat daripada lelaki..

TK said...

Come on Cheqna..u shud wear kasut pink high heel tu!

Cheqna said...


haha..and then I have to stand still all the time :-D


may be..tp saya tak pandai..sampaikan kasut pun pernah org tegur suruh tukar style..hahaha


angry bird cute tapi problem pulak kalau basah..hehe


I could imagine you in one :-D


then the next day, I would be in news..making wave and noise..haha..


dah lama beli but masih juga pakai yang sama...yg baru sesekali je pakai..hehe..



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