Thursday, 8 March 2012


For the past few days I had to do some checking on old documents at the office, even back to the time when I have not even finished my primary schooling.. :-).

(From mr. google)

Anyway, in the course of digging and reading through the files, I came across some handwritten notes. A staff who had retired had a very nice handwriting, her notes were clearly written and the numbers nicely rounded.

And so I said to my colleague, "I wonder if other people would be able to read my notes and workings in future"..hehehe..

My handwriting :-D

If years ago I'd write drafts to the letters or memos for others to type, now I prefer to prepare and print them myself, cut short the time.

and because of that my handwriting suffers..hehe..



tiefazatie said...

hehe..ada2 sj la sis nie..

pelangi sepi said...

nice blog

anie said...

nice info

Cheqno said...

so do I, taip terus kat PC

i amsterdam said...

Some people say handwriting reflects your character. So what does yours reveal about you?

Cheqna said...


so far memang ada lagi..alhamdulillah ;-)

Cheqna said...

pelangi sepi,

thank you :-)

Cheqna said...


thank you as well :-)

Cheqna said...


lebih senang macam tu..tak lah membazir waktu and kertas printing drafts :-)

Cheqna said...

I.A dear,

someone who doesn't like to write??



Joli / Lengyel Jolán / said...

Hello! Have nice day i wish to you :) Thanks visit… :)

lina@happy family said...

Nowadays, I more often type than hand write :)

Yours is unique, Cheqna

Cheqna said...

Hi Joli,

thanks for your visit.


Cheqna said...


"unique" as in a lazily done..hehe


thomas said...

looks many times better than mine.

Cheqna said...


you are "chidding" me, right?..hehe



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