Saturday, 4 February 2012

Salad of the day..

I love salads..and on Thursday made some potato salad before I left for the office, packed it for my..err..brunch? :-)

All I needed were :

Potato - cut into small cubes and steamed
Prawns - de-shelled and boiled.
Eggs - hard boiled
Dill pickles
Mixed herbs and black pepper
Little bit of olive oil and dash of lemon juice
Salt to taste.
and ohh..mayonaise of course..hehe

Add everything in a bowl and there you have it :

Actually made almost a container of it, more for me.. :-D



Wan Sharif said...

Mouth watering and the word lazat came to my mind looking at the pictures ;)...

i amsterdam said...

Hmmm sedap, kena cubalahhh. Teringat your salad the other day. La i dah buat salad cam tu :

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

a little lemon juice is my favourite too! :)

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absolutely emy said...

Alamak.. sedap jugak.. salad yang dalam bowl tu.. letak daun pudina ke.. thyme ke.. dah macam masterchef dah..

simple dan senang rupanya nak buat potato salad nih..

Rad Sujanto said...

Yikes! I want some! Although I'm not a huge fan of potato in salad.

I've honestly been craving salads lately. I've not been able to find a good eatery for salads in town. I miss a proper western salad

Jolly Princess said...

Great! Getting hungry now, after reading your blog. (lol) Thanks for sharing. :)

TK said...

Kira tak kalori brape tu??hehe...
but it sure looks good dear!
Kayuh basikal lagi tak??


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