Thursday, February 16, 2012

6) Amsterdam - city trip (Part 2)

"A picture paints a thousand words"
(anonymous quote)


(Update : Balqees (here) is now out of the hospital, Alhamdulillah..spoke to her this morning and she said, "terimakasih Che Na sebab doakan Balqees (thank you for praying for me)"..and again I got tears in my eyes,haha..which my friend said when she knew, "exemplary aunt" :-D..)


  1. Cantik gambar2 kat canal tu. I loike! Alhamdulillah Balqees dah sihat..
    Untungnya ada auntie yg care sgt for her like che na.

  2. cantik sangat2....

    setuju ngan "A picture paints a thousand words"
    tengok gambar dah memandai banyak ayat tesirat hehe

  3. Glad to know that Balqees already feels better...

    Thanks for sharing lovely pictures :)

  4. Oh how fun!

    The river looks sooo clean! The city does, too!

    LOL is that Chinatown or a Chinese store is just randomly there on the corner? ;))

    BTW, did you check out the Mme. Tussaud? That would be fun to take photos with the famous figures!

  5. Bie,

    senang macam ni, u buat cerita sendiri..hehe


  6. Lina,

    thank you for your concern..

    and you are welcome :-)

  7. Rad,

    No we didn't go in that time, now I wonder why none of us wanted to..hehe..

    but I'd been inside one before, then Princess Di was the main attraction.. :-)

  8. ahahaha iyelah takpayah serabut otak lagi senang



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