Wednesday, 28 September 2011

September notes - 1

Today is my brother's and niece's birthdays ~ may they be granted with good health, good life and under HIS Loving Care always..amiin.

Earlier it was my niece's, Balqees 4th. birthday on the 11th September, and combining it with Faraheen's 12th. birthday that fell on 1st July, we decided to hold the "makan-makan" before their brother and I left for our places of study and work. :-)

May Allah SWT grant you both happiness and HIS blessings always...amiin

I love you "nona-nona manis" (sweet girls)

17th. September...

Around 7.45am left the house and made my first solo trip to Kuala Kangsar. I love driving but the thought of making the journey alone was quite nerve-racking even though I had been to "Kuale" few times.

Alhamdulillah I reached there few hours later, spent some times with my nephew and friends, we even went to Ipoh as they wanted to buy some reference books, thou they ended up buying the books at the bookstore in "Kuale".

(We had pizza for lunch with some of his friends, Benjo, Hafeez n Ezad before I left for K.L on Sunday)

On the way back after the over-night trip, wanted to stop by and visit Angie's mama as I heard she had not been feeling well, but my few calls went unanswered, so I continued my journey home...and the mangoes that I bought for her as "buah tangan" went back with me, and became mine..hehehe

 "YOUR LOSS MATE!"..hehehe  (from google)



Cat-from-Sydney said...

Cheqna!!!! You're so mean! We were at Mak Long's that day. WWWAAAAHHHH!!! Nangis ni. Sedap buat mango + pulut dessert tu. purrr....meow!

ninotaziz said...

Cheqna, are you who I think you are...Ninot ni!

ninotaziz said...

Really missed the opportunity to meet up hari tu in Cheras. Insyaallah see you soon.

Cheqna said...

Cats dear,

eh, me mean??? what do you mean?..hehehe..


Cheqna said...

Hi Ninot dear,

i know, i know..but syhhhhh...haha

InsyaAllah one of these days we'll have the opportunity.

take care,



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