Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Unexpected gifts

It had been awhile since I last bought/read humour magazine "Gila-Gila"..but the cover of this month's edition caught my eyes the other day :

I thot it was quite funny the way the girl in purple baju kurung was posing, and what she said..:-)..

(check out that two grinning customers..wanted to join them too..hehe)

This topic arose at the time when it was quite difficult to get supplies of cooking oil,

..but I guess by now the guy is happy that she'd accepted his proposal (with all the gifts, minus the oils..hehehe..)

[ note : I've yet to read the mag.. :-) ]

Talk about gifts, last Monday I was pleasantly surprised when I got a lovely material from a former office mate who has been like an older sister since I first knew her..

She said the soft colour suited me and asked me to make a "Kebaya" dress style out of this material as she'd like to see me in one, but I said I prefer Baju Kurung as it will last longer...[tqvm but sorry ye sis!]

And later on in the evening whilst practising bowling with my friends, each one of us got a rose..

..may not be the real one but nice.. tq. :-)

Lovely gestures..made my day.
(even thou I played bowling badly that evening..hehe..)



Cat-in-Sydney said...

I want a rose too! purrrr....meow!

Suhami Ahmad said...

beautiful roselah cheqna..hehe

lina@happy family said...

Hope they live happily ever after :)

Those are sweet gifts, Cheqna!

waliz said...

nice to get presents from time to time..:) ki$$ for u ;)

NICK IRFAN said...

nk tergelak plak kartun tu minyak masak lagi penting? hehehe

Cheqna said...

Cats my fren,

hehe...what colour?


Cheqna said...


bunga rose memang cantik sokmo, hehe..


Cheqna said...


getting gifts when its not on a special occasion is nice.. :-)

Cheqna said...


true...and so are your gifts to me...tqvm!


Cheqna said...


untuk yang rajin masuk dapur n memasak lah, yang tak memasak tu, tah-tah tak tau pun ada short supply hari tu..hehe..


papabear said...

haven't read gila gila since the 90s... hehe... used to read a lot of it after i graduated while waiting for a job...

Nana said...

I miss gila-gila! I have not been reading it for more than 10 years now. I wonder whether the content maintained gila2 tak?
I was also a big fan of Ujang. Ada lagi tak ya...But anyway, I will be able to find out soon when I go back! ;)

TK said...

Buat kebaya! Buat kebaya!

Very funny...betaa berharganya minyak masak.
I pun lama tak baca gila2. Dulu2 suka baca. Mad pun I beli gak.

Cheqna said...


luckily bila dah dapat keja tak jadi "gila-gila"..hehehe..


Cheqna said...


I wonder if they actually stopped the production for many years b'cos tak lah perasan the mags kat bookstores or stalls?

..the time when it was a must buy for us was during raya hols..berebut nak baca the special edition..hehe.


Cheqna said...


Kebaya? let me shed the extra kgs first..haha.., let me know your secret ye, want to follow your diet plan lah.


Tebinfea said...

Hello my friend.
I wish you a good Thursday.

Cheqna said...

Hello Teb,

thank you very much..same back to u!


papabear said...

err... actually ada sikit la hahaha...

i amsterdam said...


A rose for a rose !!! Lovely... :D

Lupa la Cheqna... boleh tolong beli upin ipin majalah for Ilham?? Dapat a few months pun jadila... :D

Cheqna said...


haha, nasib baik sikit je..but needed that in order to survive when first got into working environment kan?


Cheqna said...

I.A dear,

tqvm..and insyaAllah will try to grab some for him.



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