Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eye infection

Reason for the silence :

"The common infections of the eye that are most prevalent are conjunctivitis (also known pink eye).

People who are in the habit of wearing contact eye lenses, are found to be prone to eye infections. This is because of the buildup of the bacteria that is created due to wearing the lenses without proper disinfection.

When the normal defense mechanisms of the eyes falls weak, they becomes vulnerable to eye infections."

Below is the symptoms of my eye infection (Conjunctivitis)

~ The white of the eye or the inner eyelid turning red. Affected both the eyes.

~ Experienced frequent flow of tears when the eyes are strained.

~ Constant sensation of itching in the eye(s) that is accompanied by pain.

~ Sensitivity of the eye(s) towards light (photophobia) and cause constant burning of the eyes.

After suffering for a couple of days, finally went to see the doctor..its bacterial infections (luckily it was not contagious), I guess just had too much strained, fatigue and stress..mmm..

n was advised that I wear a new set of contact lenses..the previous ones had to be thrown away...

Was given the eye-drops and some tablets, but no medical leave as I had gone to see the doctor during weekend :-)

...as usual I'm not a good patient, despite having to take it 3 times a day, I had only taken 3 tablets over the 3 days..hehe..

Still have to take it easy, can still feel slight pain when doing some work and using the computer..So friends, do excuse my not reading your blogs.

Selamat Menyambut Maulidur Rasul, semoga termasuk di dalam golongan umatnya yang terpuji...amiin.



  1. Cheqna,
    Why don't you stop wearing contacts for a while and wear glasses instead? purrr....meow!

  2. Hi Cheqna,
    Please complete the antibiotics.Make sure you are completely recovered before wearing your new pair of contact lenses. Also, avoid from dry eyes. If your job require u to watch the computer all the time, do apply artificial eye drop after a few hours of work. Dry eyes may lead to ulceration and in worse case, blindness. Get well soon! :)

  3. Ingatkan sakit mata ni tak serius.. tapi bila baca komen nana.. takuttt. Please take yr medicine!

  4. Cats dear,

    yes, wearing one today, hurt little bit this morning when I tried the lenses so decided to lay it off for a while :-)

  5. Hi Nana,

    thank you very much for the advise, now I'm scared..yes, I need to use computer a lot esp these days - need to catch up with some deadlines.

    hehe..will make sure I finish them..thanks dear.


  6. I.A dear,

    I pun terkedu baca..risky ye..but I do use the drops as prescribed..only the "bengkak" pills that I have problem with. :-)

    I need to rest d eyes more, but today no chance of it, need to finalise and print byk benda..n by now dah terasa d strain.

    take care my fren.


  7. semoga cepat baik mata cheqna. my mata pun kena pakai ubat titik sebab stress.. memang merah sebelah mata.. serius takut.. huhuhu.. skrang dah ok skit.. tu yang kurang melihat computer tu..

  8. pakai contact lense lebih dari tarikh tempoh pun boleh menyebabkan tekanan pada mata. hari tu doktor pesan jangan pakai contact lense utk beberapa ketika sampai kesan merah itu hilang..

  9. Emy,

    ye lah, may be sebab contact lense dah terlebih tempoh pakai, kena pakai new set bila mata dah okay nanti.

    tqvm fren, hope u'll get well soon too..and jgn stress sangat ye..be happy!


  10. no wonder so the lama tak nampak. well i was quite bz jugak so x sempat nak merayau2 and cuma sempat tu balas2 komen jer :) Hope that everything is okay now...

  11. papabear,

    thank you, getting better now..that's why boleh merayau2 online..hehe..

    hope all's well with u.




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