Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Bowling : "Test run"

Mas has given me a one year notice to play in next year's tourney, right after our "fun in the sun" tournament in July.

We are supposed to start the training but everybody has been very busy..and we have yet to start a single one.

A couple of weeks ago when my sister said that her department was planning a tourney, I asked if I could play on her behalf (she didn't plan to take part) that I could at least start somewhere..

At the bowling arena

I was told that our team would be called "Ponti Anak Remaja"...something to do with I thought red and black attire was approriate..hehe..

That's me! :-)

I felt nervous playing with them that I scored badly...pity the other 2 team mates as they played well..

(The pins were not "scared" of me...haha..)







...we managed to get the 2nd price!

Of course I felt guiltier when one of them told me that our scores were just 2 points short of the winning team! I've lost my confidence to even be in the reserved team for next year..

So, to save our team....

Take that as a "white flag" from me..hehehe



alien said...

handal juga ye berboling

Cheqna said...


Hari tu memang hancur lebur...boleh jadi "ratu" longkang kot..hehehe..


Bieaz said...

wah bestnya main bowling!
Bie main bowling nih takyah cakap asyik masuk longkang ahahaha...

Cheqna said...


okay lah tu..if main sama-sama kita rebut jadi ratu ek..haha..


lina@women's perspectives said...

Wah, ternyata bisa main bowling ya...
I prefer to play just for fun :)

Cheqna said...


just took up d game past few years when our school alumni started the tournament

I prefer to play for fun too rather than enter d competition...nanti stress instead of boleh ketawa2 bola masuk longkang..hehehe..


papabear said...

hmm... my opis ada buat tournament bowling next month... still thinking about it sebab ada hadiah untuk yg masuk longkang paling banyak :P

tiefazatie said...

wah..ala sis..main je..terer la tue..enjoy2!hihi..ifa pun ada time ratu longkang juga..haha..xhebat cm my dad..haha..wat malu je..dulu ada gak tlg team my dad sbb xckp org..but im the worst!haha..sampai golek2 je bola boling tue..hahaha..but nsb dorg hebat2 so ttp menang even ifa spoiler kan..haha

Cheqna said...


let me! let me!..hehehe

if not, good luck with winning that!


Cheqna said...


with u and Bie, lets make the team for ratu longkang..sure kita boleh menang!..hehehe..


i amsterdam said...

Bukan senang nak dapat gelaran "ratu", jadi ratu longkang pun oke :)))

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Takkan mengalah sebelum berjuang kot? purrr.....meow!

Jolly Princess said...

Can I take your place? Hehehe... Actually I had forgotten to play the game. But I love bowling. We used to have an interoffice bowling tournament in my previous office. It was soooo much fun to be a participant! Plus, the benefits of good exercise.

Please do not fret, practice will make it perfect. :)

Bieaz said...

hahaha bule gak kita rebut gelaran ratu longkang hahahaha....lagi bestkan :)
takyah kita sakit2 kepala nak score...

Cheqna said...


yezzzz...complete with tiara?..hehehe..


Cheqna said...

Cats my fren,

better that than a nervous breakdown..ha ha ha..


Cheqna said...


may be you all can start again that tournament? It should be fun if playing with friends.

mm..yes, I need to practice day..hehe


Cheqna said...


yup, tak yah pening2 kepala nak rebut top three..but make sure they have tiaras untuk kita ek..baru glamer ratu..haha


Bieaz said...

betul tu baru glamer ratu kan...kalau takde tiara mana best!! mesti kena ambik photo untuk akbar new hahaha.... (tetibe perasan)

Cheqna said...


sesekali ikut perasaaannn..hehe


TK said...

Bila la nok buleh tgok rupa Cheqna??..dari tepi dari belakang tgok doh..dari depang je blum lagi..hehe

Practice makes puurrfect! SO practice lagila..don gif up. Nak belajar dgn I bole gok?? I ratu longkang!!

NARDtheNERD said...

wow sis.
jom lawan bowling.

Cheqna said...


belum capai piawaian utk ditunjukkan..hehehe..

yezz lah..kena practice more..nanti marah Cats-down-under tu I surrender awal2, sanggup nanti balik to torture me..haha


Cheqna said...


set!..tapi bagi I practice betul2..mmm...kena cari trainer ni..hehehe



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