Thursday, 29 July 2010


Ever since the AFC channel changed my favorite cooking program between 5pm to 6pm, I accidently found a channel showing NCIS..

and since then I'm hooked on d series.

(source : YouTube)

so most days now after work, I'd tuned in to watch it

..and my favorite character is Abby!

(source : YouTube)

In a way, its good that I don't watch the cooking program too much, as I would normally end up in the kitchen, cooking..

and burst my diet..haha..

But last night, I tried to make some oat cookies..and as usual, didn't really follow the recipe, and the first batch of the cookies turned up like this :

[Bit soft and "fragile" ~ easily broken into small pieces :-)]

So before baking the second batch, I added one egg (that was not mentioned in the recipe), and it turned out better, thou burnt a little bit (too long in the oven)..hehehe..

Third batch...n much better (I think!)

Now I need to figure out how to make it more crunchy..


Sunday, 25 July 2010

Picnic in d arena

Bag, cap and picnic items?










"Checked!", "Checked!"

and we were ready for our *picnic*



...d "picnic" had taken place during our alumni bowling tournament earlier this month..and getting the "visas" to be away from the families for a day, we really went for the "girls just wanna have fun".

Ours was a "red & white" theme..


and sent 8 players for d 2 teams


and few special "supporters"

.. ***..

complete with "vuvuzela" lent by our "team manager" who could not be there.

we didn't manage to get it right with limited practice..haha..

we might not won d game,

but we enjoyed eating...

and eating...

and being ladies...

bit of touched-up at the end of the game...ha ha..


Sunday 25th July 2010

Went out early this morning for the committee meeting, after not attending the last few times..

I actually have not been keen on attending meetings, but had no excuse this time as it was held at the same place as the inter-alumni bowling..haha..

but it was I might go next meeting, when its convenient. :-)

anyway, getting together with d rest of the "sisters" for this event was great, one of our teams got third placing...and the supporters?

Best Cheer Leaders!..hehe..

after all we had this as part of our props!

and I'm having a sore throat now!


Friday, 23 July 2010

Friends are for...

I like it, I like it..

Met some friends for lunch today..n one friend that I had not seen for few years said that I looked "slimmer"..and she was backed by another friend that had just seen me a couple of weeks ago...

yippieeee!!!!!!! now I don't feel so guilty making the cakes again this morning


That's what friends are for!...hehehe


Meanwhile, my 11 year-old niece, Faraheen has been in Kelantan since yesterday for a taekwondo competition and this morning her mum sent me a message to say that she was going to fight with an opponent from Thailand.

By noon, I was told that she was crying for getting a bronze medal..

....just because there were only 3 girls in her category and in a way she was last..

"It doesn't matter Kak F, Alhamdulillah that you are ok and you are strong enough to enter this competition. We are proud of you!"

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

A simple recipe..

Can't help but back to food entry again...hehehe..

Last week I came across this very simple recipe in the newspaper,

n being in the "chef mood", I gave it a try..

and here's d result...

I was quite surprised and excited that this newspaper's recipe worked!

So this morning, I took out the 2 basic ingredients needed,
(thou after d first try, I added 3 more to it, hehe..),

and after about 10 minutes..they were ready to be baked

..into the oven for 20 mins at 180'C,

...and here's d outcome..

And the ingredients?

1) Self-raising Flour

2) Ice cream

and that's it!

A ~ 6 tablespoon of vanilla ice-cream,
and 6 tablespoon of self-raising flour

(for this version I added bits of cashew nuts,
cherries and 1 tablespoon of condensed milk)

B ~ 6 tablespoon of strawberry ice-cream,
6 tablespoon of self-raising flour.

(again, I added bits of cashew nuts,
cherries and 1 tablespoon of condensed milk)

simple... anyone can do it,

that is, if one have access to the kitchen..haha..


Monday, 19 July 2010

n when I thot...

"...I thought I was happy all this time
But I was obviously blind.
I am now a lost sheep in the dark
Who is constantly searching for the light...."

(Excerpt from a poem by Umm Junayd)

For full version of the poem ~ here.


Dato' Sheila Majid, Malaysian "Queen of Jazz"
~ who has been in d music industry for 25 years.


Thursday, 15 July 2010

Time for dessert... :-)

Have been finalising the work for coming audit and finished the draft for approval by noon..

..what better way to celebrate
then having a special dessert..

Bubur kacang hijau (or green mung bean porridge) with durians!

We actually made it using a small slow cooker in our pantry,

and someone was kind enough to go and buy for us the durians from a nearby mall..hehe..

(yummmmy....3 packets for RM10..hehe..)

...we had that with crackers n bread, a dessert before lunch, haha! Our department boss was supporting enough to join us (he especially loved that durians!..hehe..)

I didnt take any lunch after that...trying to cut down..

The last few days, having more of green apples and yogurt..

By d way, we have taken down from our board the world cup schedule that our boss gave, therefore ended the task of one staff in updating it ~ and she didnt even watch the games (but love the octopus thing)!..haha..

So to everyone (especially to Nensa and ps, who now know more on football?) till d next event..hope u all have enjoyed the World Cup this time round!




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