Friday, 11 June 2010

World Cup 2010: South Africa v Mexico

(Update : final 1 - 1)

Whilst online now, I'm watching the WC too on TV..

1 - 0 at this moment, to the home team.

(Siboniso Gaxa battles for the ball with Mexico's Carlos Salcido.
Photograph: David Gray/Reuters)

...and 2 yellow cards, one each to the teams.

Was told that the Malaysian referee is somewhere at the sideline..hehe..



nesca said...

mencari gak ref tapi ta nampak. sub kot hehe

Nitin said...

haha.. i just watched it too :D

Cheqna said...

Nesca..hehe, tak nampak juga :-)

Cheqna said...

Nitin.. what's your fav. team to win?

papabear said...

it's a draw kan?

NENSA MOON said...

Cheqna... wht's your fav team??

Cheqna said...


yes it was a 2nite is the Korean team...i think..

but England vs USA.. during zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz time..hehe..

Cheqna said...


fav is England..but i dont want to watch them play, nervous, hahaha..

what's yours?


Ismail n said...

The Malaysian Ref was the 4th official, so u won't probably see him throughout the game. It was a fine game. I thought the Mexican played better than the host nation and was unlucky not to win the game. I'm watching the Korean now. They leading Greece by 1 - 0. I'm hoping that they can hang on and make Asians all over the world proud.

Cheqna said...

Ismail...hehe..not going to see him then.

Koreans is leading 2-0 now :-)

TK said...

Im bck in KT. Watched the game last nite. I sokong mexico! Bomoh Afrika Selatan kata Argentina menang world cup ni..Nak tgok Argentina jap agi!

ツbieaz@bie Azreenaツ said...

yuhuuu.....demam world cup melanda hehe :)

jgn lupa tengok england hik2

Cheqna said...


I'm in KT now too..hehe..

itu bomoh Afrika Selatan, bakal bomoh kata England..haha

go Algeria!


Cheqna said...


i draw a line at England's games...tak boleh tengok..tension gak..hehehe..



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