Saturday, June 5, 2010

Official Birthday

The first Saturday in June had been gazetted as Yang Di-Pertuan Agong's birthday...although before that it was on every 6th. June.

(May the blessings of Allah SWT be with him always.)

At the moment, I'm watching the official ceremony "live" from Dataran Merdeka, whilst doing this update..

Today is a public holiday for those working on Saturdays...

but not for me...going out in a short while to a fren's office to do some work...

(mmm Hajah, can I charge triple rate for today?..hehehe...)

but before I leave for work,
this is going to be our breakfast this morning...

(Fried rice)

Just a small portion for me thou..hehe..



  1. papabear,

    no lovely cake from mamapasha for him?..hehehe..

  2. happy birthday Agong.. so you are working on a saturday?? why why WHY!!??!?! thanks for the fried rice dear. i had a rice cooking mishap the other night due to my faulty pressure cooker.. :(.. rice got burnt when i was making some pulao.. :(((..

  3. Nitin,

    Saturdays only a temporary arrangement, if for always, I'm out of it much sooner....hehe..

    pity is pulao same as pilau rice? mum loved it when i made it the lassssstttttttt time...(long ago that i've forgotten d recipe!..haha..)


  4. Happy birthday to Yang Di-Pertuan Agong...

    I like fried rice, too :)

  5. akak aje manjang keje..cuti ..kuar jap eeeeiii lagi takde..tapi leh tdo,leh baring2..leh lepak2..leh snap snap lagi hehee..

  6. Cheqna rajinkan, cuti pun keje, salam harilahir Yang Dipertuan agong merangkap raja berdaulat Trengganu. Raja baik rakyat selesa.

  7. Thank u Lina (on behalf..hehe..)

    I do too, not only the fried rice but many2 dishes..that's why most of it ended "around" my body...haha


  8. Kakasma memang pandai susun masa, saya ni selalu je out of schedule..hehehe..

    n saya suka outcome of "snap"2 tu...tapi lagi suka kalau dapat apa yg di snap..hehe..


  9. Rad...buat masa ni bolehlah lagi, sementara di beri kudrat untuk bekerja :-)

    Agaknya saya ni asyik fikir makan je..when u wrote "...rakyat selesa"...i first read it as "...rakyat selera!"..haha..


  10. happy birthday to Tuan Agong...!!

    but Cheqna... I wonder hw about your diet girl... evrytime I came here.. I saw so many delicious food around here...
    so...sudah turun berapa kilo..until now fren...?! haha.... hope you will get slimmer soon...

    eh... komentarnya jadi ga nyambung nih...hehe...

  11. Nensa dear,

    hahahaha...i wonder when someone would point it out to me...makan aje...

    no wonder after 2 months after buying that bicycle and so-called dieting, i lose only 2 kgs!..slowwww and steady process my fren..hehe..




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