Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gifts to be passed around...

Thanking my friends, old and new,

for the visits to my blog(s),

and "awards" given,

really appreciate it..

(This first one came from Misty)

It has been nice "walking" around the blogs,

learning new things...

(From Umihoney ; Boja ; and my dearest friend I amsterdam )

and "meeting" new friends all over...

n thus making my circles of friends bigger..

(From TK )

so thank you very much to all...

it does not matter if you have not given me any awards...

your visit to my blog(s)

and sharing your thots and all

are really welcomed


(From Boja )

So I'm passing it all back to everyone,

no limits to the number of awards you want to have

just have fun and have a nice time blogging!




  1. Cheqna,
    You have gifts for me too? Thank you thank you!!! purrr....meow!

  2. http://mistysway.blogspot.com/ - this is misty's link. :)

  3. Dearest Cats,

    of course of course...u are my fav cats after all...

    purr purr fect!


  4. Thank you Scribbler! have updated the link.


  5. Cheqna,

    How do u put the link (eg. TK's name) in your post? When I did it, it appeared as "http://teika..... "

  6. Dear I.a...

    explained in ur blog..good luck! hehe..


  7. Congratulate to u Cheqna...
    got so many award...hehe...

  8. Nensa,

    tq but u lagi la banyak...see, i gave u all four awards as u are in my circle of frens!

    enjoy the good feeling!




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