Monday, 31 May 2010

May be tomorrow...

...I'll my diet,
but for tonite we had this for dinner...hehe..


Thursday, 27 May 2010

World Cup

The other day, an office mate told me about the coming event.. about how years ago, her husband waited to finish watching a game before sending her to the hospital ~ she was about to give birth to their first son!..haha..

...Guess she's thankful that her son is not into playing football..hehe..

Thou I will not watch or follow most of the games, I might discuss this event with some family members and friends, so I'd better find out a little bit of d coming W.C :-)

The 19th tournament is scheduled to take place between 11 June and 11 July 2010 in South Africa..with 32 strong teams competing in d 8 groups.

But I don't mind if some friends laugh at me for "supporting" England, currently FIFA ranking 8..hehehe...

Bit "upset" thou that in March 2010 David Beckham's chances of playing at his fourth World Cup were dashed after he tore his Achilles tendon playing for AC Milan.

Note : one of the referees that FIFA selected to officiate at the World Cup was Malaysia's Subkhiddin Mohd Salleh - who has been a full international referee for FIFA since year 2000.

Congrats! He'll do a good job.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Have you any wool?

Another nursery rhymes for kak F, kak B n adik B to sing along...

~ Baa Baa Black Sheep ~


Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Mann : "Chaaha Hai Tujhko"

Hehehe..out of norm here...

I'm not a fan of Bollywood movies but I'd watched some, mostly over the tv.

Two weekends ago this movie, "Mann" was shown...n I caught the last hour of it..

...didn't really concentrate watching the movie but when it came to the part of this song, "Chaaha Hai Tujhko" [I'd heard it over the radio many times before n liked the music :-) ], I did.

I thot the lyrics so nice, lovely.. I was touched...

So the searched over the net began, hehe...

and came up with this project..


Not going to write about the movie thou,

after all it was released back in 1999

~ and I think it was a hit...

Aamir Khan was "cute" and Manisha Koirala so "sweet" then,

errr..i guess they still are..


Monday, 24 May 2010

And just because...

Been busy doing this and that over the weekend, indoor and outdoor....chores that needed immediate attention,

(p/s ~ I'm not industrious like that thou ..hehe)

..including additional electrical wiring ~ too much of electrical items in the house, esp. in the kitchen..hehe.


anyway, on Saturday we went to a supermarket nearby...and whilst at the veggie section, saw this fresh "daun kesum" and thought of 3 recipes/dishes that could be made from it: Assam Pedas, Laksa Penang or Bubur Lambuk [of Terengganu/my family's version.. :-)]

The Bubur Lambuk (rice porridge) won!

[Bubur Lambuk with daun kesum, and few other daun/pucuk and keledek(yam)]

And just because I couldn't control my taste bud upon seeing that daun kesum,



Thursday, 20 May 2010

Hot Cross Buns

Birthday Girl ~ 16th April (hehe..late posting..)

(Faces of Batrisyia, who loves to dress up)

*** May she always be blessed by Allah SWT ***

Batrisyia loves reading, so for her 6th birthday this year we bought her story books, some in Bahasa Malaysia and some in English..

and one of it was a book on the Nursery Rhymes :

Since I didn't know most of the rhymes, I had to look for them online for the tunes.

Her sister, Balqees getting ready to sing along...

Ended up I had to "sing" first every time I switched-on my laptop, hehe..

Most of the videos of the rhymes didn't have any lyrics, so I promised them to put the lyrics in...and it took me sometimes to finish some of it..haha..

so, lets sing with one of them :

"Hot Cross Buns"

When I sang along the above rhyme, Faraheen said,

"Che Na, you sang just like the singer..."




Friday, 14 May 2010

Fresh from the oven... "Marble" Cake

It was Batrisyia's birthday last month and I'd promised to make her a cake.

She was looking forward to it, esp. after my last effort in the kitchen with the chocolate cake (Link here) for her brother.

And so it was another round of cake making, this time whilst I was in KT...when mum was feeling better and I was in d mood of cooking :-) ,

..but minus my little "helpers" ~ b'cos the kids were in school..hehehe..

Took out the mixer and ingredients that I could find in the kitchen :-)))

~ 250 gms of butter
~ 1 cup of sugar
~ 4 medium eggs
~ 1 tin of condensed milk
~ 3 cups of self raising flour
~ chocolate flavouring
~ Red "colouring"
(but i "improvised" and used rose syrup instead..hehe..)

Started to beat the butter and sugar..but when its almost "light" I realised that the condensed milk that my sister bought had expired!(don't know when ~ it was in her cabinet..hehe)

oh oh...had to slow down...

luckily a grocery shop was just in front of the house, so mum called the shop owner's daughter, Dah and she kindly sent over the milk..hehe..

after that.. added the milk, eggs, and lastly the flour.

Split into 4 parts..

1/4 ~ add the chocolate flavouring

1/4 ~ add the "rose syrup" :-)

2/4 ~ original flavour.

layered the baking tin alternatively with all the 3 "flavours" until done.

Baked in the oven 170C for 45 mins to 1 hour...

and ta daa!!!

Batrisyia with her cake.. :-)

(She loved it...especially b'cos its pink!..hehe)

Tonite, I made a another batch for Nazeem [n his school gang :-) ]

~ going to visit him tomorrow at "Kuale"..hope he'll like it..

But for this batch, I added about 100gms of cream cheese..

ps - in case anyone's wondering..
~ I did "kindly" share some of the cake with my neighbour, Dah...hehe..

pps ~ and just in case anyone's interested...please check your cook book/internet for actual recipe..b'cos as making this cake, it's doing it my way..


Thursday, 13 May 2010

My Instant (or not...) Noodles

It was supposed to be instant cooking
~ boil the water, add the noodle and the curry flavours, but...

...whilst the water's boiling, I added chopped onions,
then looked for a couple of chillies in the fridge.

However... I came out instead with

~ 2 chillies,
~ 2 celery stalks,
~ 1 carrot
~ and a tomato...

and then from the freezer,

~ a left-over of prawns dish..

and here's the end result, hehe...

Yummy...but the chillies were quite hot


Saturday, 8 May 2010

Mother of mine

Labour Day ~ got a scare when Nor called to say that mum was really not well..and her condition didn't change over the hours..later that evening we were told that her blood pressure was so high when she was checked by Ana, Nik's sister/doctor.

Worried and felt helpless in KL, kept on praying for her...

"Ya Allah..please let her get well soon..."

Nor texted after "maghrib" to say that she'd taken mum to the KTS hospital (thou she informed us later that mum didn't want to stay overnight when she couldn't be treated by her usual specialist) then I'd already bought the tickets for K.Pah n me for the early morning flight.

Hard to fall asleep that night but finally did at around 2am with the phone held in hand....and when I woke up around 4.15am, I was relieved not to see any messages or missed calls... "no news is a good news"...

Sunday, 2nd May ~ we reached home in KT about 10am, supposed to take mum to the hospital again but she refused and we couldn't make her changed her mind..

Nothing much we could do then but to ensure that in the next few days she'd have good rests, proper diets and medications.

Alhamdulillah.. even thou she had a fever and swollen feet the next day, after a couple of days she recovered and back to her normal self ~ so relieved to have her up and about.

Back in KL now but still checking on mum..she sounded cheerful on every calls between us..Alhamdulillah..

May Allah SWT bless her always, grant her good health and happy life...

I'm thankful to have my sister Nor n family looking after mum (n ayah before he passed away) all these "once in while" trips back home could not make up a smallest portion of the times she spent with our parents ~ may you be "rewarded" for your good deeds sis...

and I'm also blessed to have good friends who prayers are with u all always..



(Sung by : Jimmy Osmond)

Mother of mine you gave to me,
all of my life to do as I please,
I owe everything I have to you,
Mother sweet Mother of mine.

Mother of mine when I was young
you showed me the right way things should be done,
without your love where would I be,
Mother sweet Mother of mine.


Mother you gave me happiness,
much more than words can say,
I pray the Lord that He may bless you,
every night and every day.

Mother of mine now I am grown
and I can walk straight all on my own,
I'd like to give you what you gave to me,
Mother sweet Mother of mine.


Mother of mine now I am grown
and I can walk straight all on my own,
I'd like to give you what you gave to me,
Mother sweet Mother of mine.
Mother sweet Mother of mine.


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