Monday, 22 March 2010

Surprise, surprise!!

18th. March(about 8.45pm)...a reconstruction of a "drama" at the Sultan Mahmud Kuala Terengganu Airport's waiting hall...

Faraheen : "Mak, who are we waiting for?"

Nor : "My 2 'friends' from KL..."

n a short while later...

Faraheen : "Eh Mak, that looks like Che Na....n Che Pah!"

Nor : "hehehe...that's my 2 'friends'!"

Faraheen was so surprised to see us ~ she jumped, hugged and scolded us ~ luckily she didn't give me a taekwondo kick (she just won a silver medal during Terengganu Open 2010 a week before!.. :-) ...)

We giggled all the way to the car...haha...

Earlier at 6pm ~ KLIA, Sepang..

Me : "Nor, what are you doing tonite?"

Nor : "errr....mmm...may be I'll be going to the clinic with Kak F for her check up and also to collect mak's blood test result....why...?"

Me : "hehehe...can you pick us up at the airport?"

Nor : "Biar betul(you are kidding), right?"

Me : "hahaha....."


(then I let her listened to the public announcement at the airport)

Me : "Can you hear that?..we are now at the airport!..."

Nor : "Yes I its true you are coming back tonite?"

Me : "Yes..."

Nor : "Ok, I'll fetch you both later"

Me : "Let this be a secret, we'll surprise mak n d kids.."

Nor : "hehehe...will do.."

The day before ~
17th. March ~ Mak's phone calls..

~ in the morning she told me that Nor had not recovered fully from her illness, that she still looked tired and mak was thinking of asking me to come back.

I immediately checked the flight tickets, and found quite a bargain with MAS ~ the return tickets still cheaper than the normal price for one-way!

mmm...must be my "rezeki" to go back...I then asked Kak Pah if she wanted to follow...

...but i was still 50 - 50 then about taking emergency leave...

~ during lunch time, mak called again, and in the midst of our conversation she said that she hadn't seen us for a which my response was..."mak...we just went back for a week a month ago, during the Chinese New Year break"...

"Oh...I thot that it has been quite a while since I last seen you...."

n then [I guess with no other excuse :-)] she said.."I need you to change my bed sheet"

mmm...a need for this 450km-away daughter....hehehehe.. n as if Nor hasn't been doing it for her all this while....

But that clinched it n when Kak Pah confirmed later in the afternoon that she'd love to go back as well, I booked the tickets for the next night... :-)

18th. March ~ about 10pm after the clinic stop over :

When we reached home that nite, mak was surprised and glad to see us,. She was just about to change her bed sheets with Nazeem :-) .

Her response on seeing us?...its meant to be that I'd be the one to do that for her!..hehehe...

We had a good break n a much needed rest as well...
Hope we left Mak in good spirit, Nor in better health, n d kids happy

(Hi-T at Primula on Saturday)

... before we left for KL...

Faraheen : "Che Na, d next time you come back, please don't do the surprise thing again..."


Me : "Ok I won't, not in the near future anyway b'cos then u can guess if your mum use again d excuse of waiting for friends..hehe"

Faraheen : "Ha 'ah...I'll know better!" girl...



I amsterdam said...

Dear Cheqna,

Balik Trengganu macam balik dari KL ke Klang aje....

Here's another surprise...


Cheqna said...

Dearest fren,

ye lah..lately dah jd macam tu, almost every month we go back...thou the next planned one will be in June, but never know, hehe..

Thank u very much for the wish...(but u missed it by 6 days! ;-)))

..but luvly surprise, i thot u'd forgotten al together after d other day's reminder..ha ha..


noeja said...

Hehehe...english version...bery prengggg....thanks a lot 4 the support....uisshhh..speakingggg lonndooonnn...wachaaaaa...

HAPIA Mesir said...

wow selamat ya

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Mujo mok dok sakit jantung, kejut dia nengok anok-anok kelik dok kabor! purrr....meow!

Cheqna said...


terer mung speaking lonndonng..haha..


Cheqna said...

Hapia Mesir,

terima kasih


Cheqna said...

Cat dear,

Alhamdulillah tak ada apa2...tapi muka Mok macang blurr gok mule2..dok chaya anok2 dia "whoosh" doh ada depang mata...hehehe...


akhatam said...

Hmm.. Congrats friend...~~!!

Cheqna said...

Akhatam...thank u very much.



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