Sunday, 13 December 2009

on a "self exile"?

Late last nite's sms from Aimy reminded me that I'd been keeping to myself for d past month esp. after the Eid-ul-Adha break.

Some calls n smses from family members n friends were left unanswered, thou not intentionally, more to them not "clicked" in mind that i should attend to it..bit tired these days...

~ my cousin's sms was not answered till she called me to confirm on her invitation..[oops..another cousin's sms yet to reply....- ok, done..she was asking for my add.. :-) ]

...yet to return the missed call of my brother in Kelantan..

~ my friend's voice mail message during Eid-ul-Adha was only returned after 2 weeks..n i regret it bcos she wanted to tell me then about a sad passing of her family member before Eid.

mmm...i do think i've got some more...have to check my sms's inbox n calls box to check if there's anything that i should go thru my mail boxes as well...

~ latest sms n phone calls from Mas n Amal went unattended too, causing "anxiety" to Mas especially...n that was d purpose of Aimy's sms last nite...

so today i sent my replies to both Mas n Amal...yes Amal, I'm stil "alive and kicking"...n Mas said i owe her big I'M SO SORRY dear friend...

...I'm very thankful for all my friends' concerns...I'm touched n especially feel honoured to have such great friends like them..

(coincidently, just received one sms from a junior asking about me as she said she hadn't heard from me for quite a while...n at d same time my brother in Kelantan called!)

I believe I've been keeping away from many, and i'm sorry for that...guess i should start to "un-do" this "self exile"..and start contacting them..

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Cat-in-Sydney said...

Everybody looking for you? heheheh....itulah siapa suruh gi bertapa dalam Batu Caves tu? purrr....meow!


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