Thursday, 10 December 2009

Joining the "Geng..." club

Finally...tonite i was able to sit and watch the whole movie of "Geng : The Adventure Begins" on Astro's Disney Channel and really enjoyed wonder Balqees and her sisters love it,


n i dont mind watching it again soon. he he he...


looking forward to their next 2011..mmm..
(watch out for minute 1:28 cute...)


Cat-in-Sydney said...

You watch cartoons too? teeheehee...yeah, we lurve our morning dose of cartoons, especially on weekends. Oh, also DVDs. Come join us. purrr....meow!

Cheqna said...

gimme me cartoons on my free days and i can rest peacefully... ~ finding nemo, shrek, ants, scooby doos, mickey ~ to name a few...n not forgetting..upin ipin n kampung boy...or just turn on the cartoon channels on astro...hehehe..

lets join force!


I amsterdam said...


They are funny, I must buy them for Ilham

Cheqna said...

Dear I.a...

yes you should..i'm sure Ilham will enjoy it.

You too, have fun!



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