Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Looking forward...

to a short break n leaving for kampung for the "Aidil Adha" tomorrow morning...but i guess Nazeem is more excited...he's counting the hours... In fact this morning he said that he'd stay up tonite till 4.30 till we leave for d airport..hehehe...

The other day after we got back from office [he has been my "P.A" since last week.. :-) ], I offered to make a video call to his sisters..but he said, "its ok Che Na..."

...but later when he fell asleep in front of the tv, he looked so sad n i could see a tell tale sign of tears...mmm..he must have really misses his family...

~photo taken from his mum's blog~


  1. Cheqna,
    Eid Mubarak!!!! Kirim salam to everyone at home. Peluk cium your mum for me, OK? meow!!!!

  2. Dear Cat..jgn jeles, already at kampung...hihihi..will hug mum for u..eh eh..ur mama kot. :-)

    but at d mo am doing some office work, hv to finalise all d accts ready for monday..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......

    qurban, qurban....

    n dear Mama of cat...Eid Mubarak to u n family too..may Allah bless u all..


  3. Cheqna,
    Tak jeles, benci je! Interestingly, word veri today is "tampar". Ada makna tu! Anyway, padan muka kena kerja walaupun Raya....hahahahahah....

  4. ehem Cat...muka ni memang dah padan..hehehe...




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