Sunday, 18 October 2009

Laksa Penang

On the third day of Syawal we thought of making "Laksa Penang" for our guests.

So, early that morning Faraheen and I went to the market to buy the ingredients at Pasar Cabang Tiga, but because only few traders opened their shops, some were hard to get that finally we had to go to Pasar Payang to buy the last ingredient - 'bunga kantan'.

~ bunga kantan ~

With my sister, Nor as the main "chef" ~ she's really good at making this northern dish ~ it was done roughly by 11.30 am, just on time as our guests started to arrive then :-)

~ the Laksa dish for our guests ~

Alhamdulillah we had many guests that day and the laksa was finished by early evening,

...and some of us didnt have the chance for second helping!..


Back in K.L, I still had the craving for it, so I made it last weekend, with extra portion in case Rois and Nieza could drop by after their open house invitation in Selayang (but they didnt )...

however it was Chom's "rezeki", she came by and had late lunch with us..hehe..

~ my version of Laksa Penang ~

Now I have a slight craving for "Nasi Dagang Terengganu" - and just b'cos a friend, out of the blue asked me for the recipe! (...mmmm...been quite a while since I last made it.)

(Luckily it's only slight - Amal brought some yesterday during d AJK's meeting...Alhamdulillah...)

...may be its time to use that new steamer I bought last month...hehehe...


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Both dishes, laksa penang and nasi dagang, are catfood! So, send some to me hungry! purrr....

I amsterdam said...

What a coincidence..I made laksa too on sunday! But yours look so yummy... My first try using mackerel, I suppose it's not so bad since my visitor asked to bring home some!!!

Cheqna said...

oh dear angie@cat...

sorry a bit late in replying, hope u are not hungry still, hehehe...

come over here and I'll prepare some other yummy food...errrr...for ur mama.


Cheqna said...


Great minds think alike!..hehe...

I'm sure yours must be yummy, and I wish I could be ur visitor too!

hope u r doing well there. when r u n fmly coming back for hols?



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