Monday, 10 August 2009

Fruits season

Went to visit our 13-year old nephew, Nazeem in Kuala Kangsar on Saturday and along the way, we went on a "shopping spree" ....




"buah tampoi"

"mata kuching" ~ a bit like lychee

"durian" ~ that we had with lunch...mmmmm...


Anyway, we didnt stay for long as Nazeem had to prepare for his exam this week starting Monday, hope he'd do well...


Previous month when we were in KT, we had these :




(and that's me ~ "picking up" rambutan in front of my mum's house)
...with my little "helper" ~ Batrisyia
and Faraheen who took the picture with my hp.


oops...hope I'm not making my dear friend in Holland wishing that she's back in Malaysia...hehehe...

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