Monday, 8 June 2009

I've got (a special) mail!

and it was posted at "The First Underwater Post Office in Malaysia" (
by my friends who were in Mataking recently!

the postcard

and Ayu gave me this photo of

"a diver posting your postcards at the underwater post office."

tqvm! :-)

and I was asked to look closely at the right side of the pic

spot the "yellow fin" ~ of Saf "finning away"...hehehe...


so, who took the picture then?


I found out about the underwater post office when I was "dreaming" of Mataking :-)( )

and when Aimy smsed me asking for my address (and i gave her my email add at first!..hahahaa)..i was hoping that I'd get one..hehehe

yesss, they did remember very nice,

...thotful of their missing "red lipstick" fren!

Good friends are like stars..
You don't always see them,
but you always know they're there


looking forward to look at their holiday pictures
...and the video that Nieza said she had done.

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