Friday, January 30, 2009

Another day, another lunch... :-)

We planned to meet for lunch on her birthday few weeks ago, but her colleagues managed to "kidnap" her first for lunch, so ours had to be postponed, but today she invited me for lunch, "her treat" she said... thinking that I had something to give her I said ok.

As she only had one hour break, we met near her place..As usual - chatting as much as possible - while eating and drinking, but by 2pm we had to leave with many untold update of our news/stories, haha.."thank you sis, semoga dimurahkan lagi rezeki..ameen.."

It is always a pleasure to meet this dear friend of mine that's like a sister to me..we have known each other since we were teens in boarding school, managed to keep in touch through out the years when we further our studies, into our line of works, own lives etc...InsyaAllah I'll always value this bond of "sistership".

mmm...I guess I have to go on diet after all these yummy food..hahaha...

...exercise more....

can I turn like this in few weeks?...



  1. It's always great to meet old friend sekali-sekala. Chatting on old stories & rekindle the memories.

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  3. Thank you, it is. and usually can't wait till the next get together.




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